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The roots of Arlington Club run deep in Oregon. Records indicate the initial meeting was held December 9, 1867, just eight years after Oregon’s induction as a state.

News reports from that day mainly centered on a new concept called internal revenue; but, in Portland 35 civic leaders had already started a collection of their own. Each person put up $100 to fund the formation of a social club.

Present at that first meeting were many of Portland’s most prominent individuals, including Mr. William S. Ladd, Mr. Henry Failing, and Captain J.C. Ainsworth. The original document the men signed that day read:

We, the undersigned, being desirous of establishing a club in the city of Portland, hereby agree to pay $100 each, or as much as may be necessary, not to exceed the above amount, for the purpose of furnishing suitable rooms.
Gatherings were informal in the early days and remained so until 1881, when the Club was formally organized and the name Arlington was chosen. Just how that christening occurred is a matter of longstanding speculation. Perhaps it was derived from old English nomenclature in which Arlington signified the “finest” or “highest”.

Suffice it to say, their association with the Club has enriched all members. There’s a genuine camaraderie, a sharing of goodwill, and enjoyment of life’s pleasures.

One member eloquently captured the essence with the following tribute:

The notion of friendship, dedication to quality action, and enjoyment of time is disappearing. Everyone is rushing, trying to get one up in the world. To walk in these doors and feel from the architecture and décor an aura of slowing down, of quietude, and to derive from the people a sense of accepting you for what you are, as a human being, is a rare and treasured quality.

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